Jupiter jack - Failts company

Lebanon, Oregon 1 comment

let me tell you about jupiterjack

states jupiterjack for $ 10.00 and $6.99 for shipment

ok get this I am being charged $19.97 and $6.99 for shiping

not $10.00 as state on tv? does this add up to $70.94 as stated on tv?

this company is lieing about jupiterjack for being $10.00

I have call and they tell me there is nothing they can do about it

there for they lied its not $10.00 at all look out for this you

think you are only paying $10.00 as stated on TV? so why and I paying $70.94 for something that states $10.00



:( fraud jupiterjack as states on tv?

$10.00 not $19.95 then u can't check the order it ends up $70.94 not $10.00

do not order jupiterjack for $70.94

when it states on tv for $10.00

but wait we will send you one more u just pay shiping so how can it come out to be $70.94?

Jupiter Jack

Denver, Colorado 0 comments
Not resolved

I ordered Jupiter Jack, 2 for $10, they billed me $68: chargred me $19.99 for each, charged me shipping of $7 on each then send two mounts and charged me $7 on each.Called and got some rude people from India, they basically told me to go to ***, I mean it, they said the bill refected what I agreed to.

A scam, I am still protesting this via my credit card company. Not only that, in Denver the jack doesn't work on the channels they provided (too much interference).

This is a total scam.Don't buy this from the web site or tv ad, you will get a bill in which the shipping is more than the product price and the *** thing won't work.

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Bought 3 jupiter jacks, none work!

Tulsa, Oklahoma 0 comments
Not resolved

I purchased three jupiter jacks. One for me and to gifts. The gifts are still laughing. None of them work. You can not reach these crooks at all.

Does anyone know if there is anything can be done about these kind of people. Mike

I did talk to one person on the phone last week and she started to be helpful but I couldn't understand her broken english and when I mentioned I wanted to speak to a superviser I was disconnected. Tried again to no avail. O well, Maybe I learned something. Ok here are six more words. How dumb is that?

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